General Information



Room Rentals

Room rentals include tables, chairs, all standard table linens, podium and microphone, use of all available AV equipment and Hi-speed Internet access.


Audio Visual Equipment



The LEX 530 AV system is powered by Crestron, the industry standard from board rooms to college campuses. At the heart of the AV platform is the Crestron DigitalMedia™ Presentation System with its built-in AirMedia® gateway to enable wireless presentations from computers and mobile devices.

To display your presentation, we employ high contrast, large venue projectors supplied by BenQ. With 465 watts and 6,000 lumens, the projectors have the ability to reproduce over one billion colors. From simple slide shows to detailed presentations, your audience will be dazzled.

For sound dispersion, we provide handheld and lapel/bodypack wireless microphones affording you the freedom to move about the room. Strategically placed ceiling speakers deliver your audio effortlessly throughout the room.


LEX 530 room rental is dependent on the day of the week you would like to book. Food and beverage minimums are also dependent on the day of the week. Please contact us at 574-296-1335 to discuss costs for your specific event.



Beverage service must be provided by LEX 530. Per our Indiana State Alcoholic beverage permit, no alcohol can be provided by any other group or individual at the LEX 530 event venue or parking lot.



Outside vendors for decorating are allowed at LEX 530. Vendors should have all decorations and rentals approved by LEX 530 management. Decorative confetti and glitter are not allowed. LEX 530 does not permit affixing any materials to the walls, floors, fixtures or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or other substances. Additional clean up charges above and beyond the $1,000.00 deposit will be charged if these substances are used.



Lex 530 reserves the right to approve all vendors.



LEX 530 requires at least one security guard be present during any event serving alcoholic beverages. More officers may be required depending on the size and type of event. The officers charge $35.00 per hour. LEX 530 will arrange security on the Client’s behalf.


Early Entry Information

Your rental entitles you to five hours for your event. All decorations must be removed at the end of your event unless other arrangements have been made with LEX 530 management. LEX 530 will work with you to insure all vendors have access to prepare and provide their service the day of your event in a timely manner. Times for entry for your vendors should be discussed and arranged with LEX 530 management.